Sanibel Friends – Part 1

Sanibel is a barrier island that juts out to the north west from the coast at Fort Myers.  It is about 20 miles long by a few miles wide.  With a population of 6500, it is about half the size of Arnprior.  There is a second smaller island called called Captiva connected by bridge at the end of Sanibel.

The island is known for its natural beaches, nature preserves and shelling.  It is also known for its traffic jams in winter.  There are thousands of vacation rentals and the rush from the mainland to the beach and back causes daily monumental traffic jams.  The toll bridge cost of $6 is a small deterrent it seems.  However if you are fortunate enough to live or rent on the island, you do most of your travel by bicycle on the many miles of bike paths for that purpose.

An engineer friend from university days, John and his wife Anita Jarrell have been renting on Sanibel for many years.  We have visited them many times now it seems so again this year was to be looked forward too.  We met at the Mucky Duck community beach bar and restaurant on Captiva.  Days later we visited them in their beach front condo.  They came here yesterday for a visit and we will be seeing them one more time before their return to Saskatoon.  Here are a few pics of our get togethers this year.


Captiva Island beach


Beach entrance to the Mucky Duck


The crazy parking lot at the MD.  You keep looping around until a space comes available and he calls your number.  Public parking is very limited on Captiva and Sanibel.


Marie, John and Anita


Another perfect sunset on Captiva


Piles of shells on Sanibel Island


John.  Originally from Toronto, he spent his career in the uranium mining and processing business.


Life is tough.


Yet another perfect sunset on Sanibel.

John and Anita spent another week at a second condo on Sanibel this year.  We were fortunate to visit them there too.  A few more pics tell this part of the story.



View from the lania


Live Florida Fighting Conchs on the beach


Wedge salad with friends

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