Divine Mercy


Image of Divine Mercy for Veneration

Yesterday Marie and I attended a day on divine Mercy in Ottawa.  The guest speaker was Fr. Chris Alar, a Marion of the Immaculate Conception in the U.S. Archbishop Prendergast celebrated an opening Mass and stayed for the first talk by Fr. Chris.  There were over 200 people there.

Wow!  What a day we had.  We learned that the Message of Divine Mercy communicated in Poland to St. Faustina in 1938 by Jesus is perhaps the greatest message of all time.  Fr. Chris a very dynamic speaker, took us through what we need to know about this subject.


St. Faustina (a Sr. of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy, a nobody from nowhere) reported a series of apparitions, visions and conversations with Jesus that took place in her room in the convent in Plock, Poland.  She later published the details in the book Diary, Divine Mercy in My Soul.  In 2000, Pope John Paul II canonized Sr. Faustina and declared the Sunday after Easter to be Divine Mercy Sunday.  Word about Divine Mercy has been slowly getting out to Roman Catholics.  Now that Pope Francis has declared this the Year of Mercy, the world is about to hear about it.

The Message (not optional)

A =  Ask for God’s mercy.

B = Be merciful to others.

C = Completely trust in Jesus.

If you do this you will go to heaven.  That’s it!!!

The Devotion (optional)

F = Feast of Divine Mercy (the Second Sunday of Easter)

I = Image (the image you see above is of the painting of what  she saw)

N = Novena (nine days of prayer using the Chaplet below)

C = Chaplet (prayed using Rosary beads)

H = Hour (between 3 and 4 PM, Jesus died at 3 PM)

The Graces of Divine Mercy Sunday

Jesus told St. Faustina (Diary para. 699) “The soul that will go to Confession and receive Holy Communion shall obtain forgiveness of sins and punishment.” One must be sorry and want to amend one’s life, receive Holy Communion worthily (i.e., not be in a state of mortal sin) and trust in Jesus’ promise of Mercy.

It’s like an amnesty day for all past and forgotten sins.  No eternal or temporal punishment.  This is the most amazing message of all time!

Click here to listen a bit to Fr. Chris:






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