Unresolved Conflict

Unresolved conflict is at the root of many troubles in today’s world. Look at the Teachers’ work to rule campaign, the wars in Syria and Iraq and closer to home the turmoil in our own families and between couples.

It is easy to brush conflict under the table by pretending it is not there. Conlict is bad and something we don’t speak of.  Why deal with it, just ignore it and it will go away.

But at what cost? Unresolved conflict leads to bullying, harassment, scapegoating, more pain, unhealthy behaviour, broken relationships and violence. We have all seen the fruits of unresolved conflict and the damage it brings.

So why do we not deal with conflict when it arises? A little short term pain for long term gain. Right? Quite simply because we don’t know how. By raising the issue we fear we open up a can of worms and make things even worse.

We lack the capacity to resolve conflct, the tools, the trust in each other and the faith that we can succeed. But not the will. After all who wants to live in conflict?

Each of us is worthy with our own views and values. No one’s view should prevail over others. We need to listen to each other and not feel threatened or diminished by the others feedback or feelings of our lesser hood.

Dear Lord, give us the strength, wisdom and courage to help us resolve our conflcts. Help build our capacity to listen and give honest feedback to each other. Help each of us to take our rightful place in our families, our worplace and in our communities.

“Put on the new life from Jesus, transparency, goodness of heart, compassion, putting aside all malice and resentment.” (Jean Pierre Medaile)


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