Moments Matter

I recently attended the graduation ceremony of our son from university.  The convocation address given by Stephen Schipper, distinguished artistic director of the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre was a bit unusual.  Instead of telling graduates to dream big, follow your dreams and achieve your potential, he had a different message – LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

Life is a series of moments, we all know.  Mr. Schipper pleaded with the graduates not to forget that.  His advice was to always BE IN THE MOMENT where ever you are and in whatever you are doing.  Then you will experience life to the fullest (and achieve your goals, reach your potential, change the world.)

Hence I decided to name this blog mattersofthemoment because moments indeed do matter in life.  I discuss what matters of the moment matter to me in Faith, life, travel, books and history and ask you what your thoughts are.  Perhaps not overly original, but definitely in the moment.  I hope you will be in the moment too.Live in the Moment

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