Charles Kenneth Ward Early Pictures

Claudia and I think the following 2 pictures I found in the vault are of her father namely C.K. Ward as a boy.  Enjoy.

Would be about 1925-26
As a school boy, perhaps about 1930-31

What do you think?

Photos from Claudia’s vault:

Think it’s C.K. in inner tube but with who?
As teenager age 14 or 15


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4 responses to “Charles Kenneth Ward Early Pictures

  1. I've just found another one that says on the back he's 14 yrs old – will send today…


  2. Dave, the boy leaning on the rock is definitely NOT my dad…and he was always called \”Charlie\” by the family, C.K. by my mother for some reason. There's a funny story about when they were all out driving and Grandpa had to slam on the brakes – Bud was howling in the back seat & Grandma said it felt like his leg was broken so they went to the closest hospital. Turned out it was actually a toy truck in Bud's pocket that had broken….not his leg.


  3. Uncle Bud could certainly exaggerate things to get a good laugh out of people!As to the mystery boy…if the picture belonged to Nana, it might be a brother like Alex or George or even her father William as a boy.If it belonged to Alex, then maybe it was his dad William.If it belonged to Sydney, then it was likely either him or his dad Samuel as a boy.The nature setting was likely in Scotland or Ireland and not Montreal. Is that a Scottish or Irish cap he is wearing?


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