Buenos dias de Buenos Aires

We are currently cruising into the pier at Buenos Aires. Many people we have met told us this is the most interesting and fun port of the whole cruise.

Yesterday in Montevideo, it was 31 deg C and sunny. We walked up the pedestrian streets all the way to Independence Square. There were shops and lots of artisans stalls. It was clean and felt safe.

We bought a few souvenirs including some matte (matay) which all the locals drink out of a special cup with a silver spoon/straw. It is a loose tea that you pour hot water into from a thermos. It foams up and you slurp away.

We wisely had decided to have lunch on shore as we heard Uruguayan beef is very good. Well we found this huge grill building. People were eating inside on two levels and outside. There must have been a thousand diners. There were numerous wood/charcoal stoked grills with cooks working hard to keep up. We saw acres of beef, lamb, chicken and pork being cooked to perfection.

Most people ordered a platter of different meats that they all shared. We had some cheese stuffed filet and skewered beef that melted in your mouth. Yum! A bottle of superb local rose topped things off nicely. This place was as big as a small Costco store. The washrooms were way in the back, just like Costco! What a great lunch we had over a 90 minute period.

Back on board we had Polo Grill booked for a late feed of even more beef. Marie enjoyed the excellent Norwiegan salmon.

Well, clocks back an hour before bed so we are now only 2 hrs ahead of Ottawa time.

We feel so relaxed, wined and dined and happy to be coming home soon to see our friends and family. We give thanks to God for all his gifts.

Adios para agora.

Coming into Montevideo.
The gun sighting tower from the Adm Graf Spee.
Wine bottle service.

Yep, that’s it’s name.
Uh huh.
Tourist wares for sale.

Independence Square.

At the huge grill.

Polo Grill.

                                                                Nora’s tango lessons.

Buenos Aires skyline.
In the main dining room on the last night.

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