Punta del Este

In the evening after our Rio Grande visit, the Captain’s Party was held in Horizons for previous O cruisers.

Well we sat at the bar this time. After a couple of caiparinhas and good conversation with Guendoly from Guetamala, Captain Strescovic came out. He gave a short speech thanking clients for their support. Some O pins were given out for gold and platinum clients (more than 10 and 20 previous O cruises respectively.)

Afterwards, they drifted over to the bar. I chatted with the Captain who confided it was tricky getting out of Parati after the Pulmantor Princess parked behind us. He said he really had to watch the harbour depth as we pulled around and out (remember he missed the opening party because he was busy). After wards he posed with Marie for a picture.

Didn’t they all come over. We chatted with the General Manager from France. Also with Claudia the social hostess from Rio. And finally briefly with Terry Bishop who had given a great talk on the Falklands War of the early 80s. Got some pics to prove it!

Next day we finally left Brazil and put into Punta (Poonta) del Este. This is where rich South Americans come to play. Endless expanses of beaches, swank condo highrises and up scale shopping. We walk around for several hours finally finding an ATM that would work for us. Strangely enough, even the Scotiabank ATM would not work for either our Scotibank debit card or Visa!

We settled on the beach and enjoyed the dry heat and warms waters. The town was not crowded as this is just the threshold of their summer season. There were maintenance repairs to buildings going on everwhere and a lot of painting. Nevertheless we saw the odd Porsche and plates from Argentina and Chile.

Another nice relaxing day was had by all.

Caiparinhas on-board.

With Captain Leo Strazicic.
General Manager Dominique Nicolle.
Social director Claudia from Rio.
Enrichment speaker Terry Bishop.
Heading into Punta del Este.

Sea lion I think.

Fun in P del E
This ATM worked.
This one did not.

Beach time.
The famous fingers monument.

Another beach.

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