San Sebastian/Donastia Spain

Here we are finally having a stay put holiday in beautiful San Sebastian (Spanish name) / Donastia (Basque name). It is a land of beautiful scenery, beaches and great food. We picked up the keys to our apartment overlooking the Atlantic Ocean yesterday and have been exploring the pintxos bars and ocean side promenades.

Today after a great sleep, we hiked up to the Monte Urgali to see the Cristo Redemptor (Christ the Redeemer) statue and took some photos of the beautiful scenery overlooking the ocean and city.  There was a wedding ceremony about to take place with beautiful bride and groom and plethora of baby's breath.
It was the first sunny day after 6 weeks of rain!  Needless to say we headed for the beach to enjoy the sunshine and many more natural sites.  Life is good in San Sebastian.  Off to the pintxos bars for the Saturday night life shortly.  Some of the most exquisite tapas in the world and vino.  Ole Ole!

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