The Tour de France

After leaving Aix en Provence we rented a car and head out to A9 hwy off to St. Baume St. Maximen ( marche day)to hike and explore St. Magadeline grotto 500 metres in the Mountain. That was worth the journey, very sacred and silent place as we explored the Church inside a cave, wet, dark and very different, with her relics and many statues and pictures.

Then we drove to St. Marie's del Mar along the Mediterrrean Sea where they honor all the Mary's every year with a festival and throw flowers into the Sea. This is the place where Mary Magadeline came after the Ressurection.

Today we drove to Gruissan Plage and got stuck in the sand. It took 4 strong men to get us out. The sun was hot all day and what a journey. Dave drove and I navigated. The beach was worth the wait. Now we have a tan.

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