Conked out in Conques

Well I made it Conques Saturday afternoon as hoped for. As my Chemin

de St Jacques ended it is with a lot of emotion.

200 kilometres of waking in 9 days with elevation changes totaling

over several kilometres, it was physically exhausting and

exhilarating. Meeting and making 30 new friends de toute sorte de

nationalite, was socially rewarding. Spending time walking alone was

an inner journey I feel stronger for having made.

Conques is a world heritage medieval city and was a nice place to say

our goodbyes. Visited the Abbaye Church of St Foy for Sunday mass.

What I understood of the homily was that it is one thing to walk in

nature and see God's creation but to be a Christian requires a leap of

Faith to a higher plane. And that sums up what I felt and experienced

in this pilgrimage.

Merci Dieu et au Seigneur pour votre amor.

Made it back to Le Puy using La Male Postale minibus service in time

for the celebration dinner Sunday night with Marie and the Little

Design Community retreat participants.

The journey is the destination. And it's not over.

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