I’ve Survived 2 Days

I am in beautiful Sauges, a medieval town full of narrow cobblestone

streets, boulangeries and friends.

Today was the most difficult walk of my life. From Montbonnet to

Monistrol d'Allier, a mere distance of 13 km, the rocky muddy trail

went up and the down 650 m. I was exhausted when I arrived at

Monistrol. So, a nice man named Henri drove me to Sauges (12 km but

up 650 m again) after serving me lunch in his restaurant!

I am now esconced in Chez Monique B&B awaiting the 5 pm cathedral service.

I will decide tomorrow if I will have my bag sent ahead to lighten the

load. (Henri says the Camino is much easier from here on.)

Just ran into friends Sonny from Toronto with Sophia from S. Africa.

Life is good when their are angels like Henri and Monique.

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