HAL Panama Canal – Day 6 at Sea

Day 6 is a sea day and marks the halfway point of our cruise. We awake to a calm sea as we sail due west just off the Venezuelan coast.

What is happening over there we wonder? In 1978 I had visited Caracas for a day and remember the strange juxtaposition of sky scrapers and shanty huts. Right now‎, in addition to the economic crisis, their president Nicolas Maduro has just dissolved their legislature permanently, sparking a democracy crisis that is reverberating through the whole region. I wish I had made a donation to the produce sellers yesterday.

We spend a lazy day relaxing on board by the Lido pool upfront. Somehow we get some black grease on our bathing suits that HAL will clean for us. We enjoy Pompano (our favorite Florida fish) for dinner and meet a nice man from Sechelt, B.C. He lost his wife 2.5 years ago and his kids encouraged him to go on a cruise holiday. At dinner we spot Fr Pat and he looks well again.

The towel animals are getting better.

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