Here we are in the beautiful Canary Islands 200 miles off the coast of Africa. Our stop is at Santa Cruz.

We started our day with the view of mountains in the background framing the beautiful tropical setting. We were running late but managed to get on our bus tour to Tiede Mountain National Park. Tiede mountain is volcano towering 12,250 ft. It erupts every 100 years or so and is due.

This park, 2nd to Yellowstone, is the most visited park in the world. It was well worth the drive. We have beautiful pictures of our hike and the scenery.

Then we descended to Puerto La Cruz town to walk and shop the beautiful seaside boardwalk. Tapas for lunch of course – shrimp, mushrooms and garlic. Needless to say after 3 full days of coach tours, we are getting a little weary.

Getting back to the ship, we relaxed on the balcony before heading for dinner. Paella, cornish hen, lobster tail, jumbo prawns followed by key lime pie and tea. Spain is truly all about siesta and fiesta. Muchos gracias.

PS The Canary Islands belong to Spain. They are not named after the birds but rather the large dogs that were found here (canaris in Greek = dog) when the islands were conquered by the Spanish in 1494.

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